Mothers’ Union

The Mothers’ Union is a worldwide Christian organisation dedicated to promoting marriage and family life. It has 3.6 million members in 76 countries. The Mothers’ Union was started in 1876 by Mary Sumner, the wife of an Anglican vicar. It is open to all baptised men and women and encourages all members to attend church and to read the Bible regularly.

Mothers’ Union in Holbeach
Our regular activities include:
Visits to housebound (at home) members.
Regular support for Boston women’s’ refuge.
Collection of used postage stamps towards the work of the East Anglian Children’s Hospice.
Meeting socially with other local branches.
The celebration of Lady Day (25th March).
Our Banner is displayed in the Lady Chapel at All Saints.
Annual Wave of Prayer involving branches worldwide.
Fundraising for the Mothers Union Overseas Fund.
Throughout the year there are social gatherings.

Joining the Mothers’ Union
We meet on the third Friday of every month, at 2.00pm, in the Mary Bass Room in church.
If you are interested in joining the Mothers’ Union, please contact Joyce Fines – 01406 420160.

We look forward to welcoming you to be a part of a wonderful worldwide organisation.

Latest News & Meeting Dates
Six members met in the Mary Bass Room, Jackie had prepared and led a Lenten Reflection. Mrs.Sheldrake presented the accounts for 2017, checked by Stephen Cole, and informed the meeting that the current bank balance was £150.77. Four members had shared in Long Sutton Branches social afternoon. Membership certificates presented to Hazel Massey, Monica Venni, Pam Sells and Jackie Sheldrake all having served more than 20 years.

Diary Dates:
2nd March 7 pm Women’s World Day of Prayer Service at Whaplode Saint Mary’s Church.
7th March 9:30 am Corporate Communion in Church.
11th March 10:30 am Mothering Sunday Service.
16th March 2:00 pm Branch Meeting in the Mary Bass Room.
9th April 2:30 pm Deanery Lady Day Eucharist at Lutton Saint Nicholas Church, when a new member will be enrolled.

Lady Chapel Flowers:
None in Lent.
Easter 1st April Linda Beverley Stone for Ann Dacey.
Members agreed to provide Lady Chapel Flowers at the Flower Festival.