Holbeach Community Flower Festival 2018

Thursday 3rd May to Monday 7th May

The theme this year will be Musicals, visitor information will be available nearer the time.

You are invited to take part in the fifth Holbeach Community Flower Festival. As always we want to invite as many community groups, local businesses and associations to contribute to the event as possible.

Please download the following forms, which provide information on taking part as well as sponsorship and volunteering.

Flower Festival Invitation & Information

Flower Festival Application Form


The 2017 Flower Festival

Noah’s Ark was the theme for our 2017 Community Flower Festival, running for the 4th successive year. We had a fabulous 5 days with excellent weather and a brilliant team of willing helpers who all worked their socks off to make it a success. It was hard work and it left many of us exhausted by the Monday night but it was worth it not just for the money that was made for the church, but for the sense of community and welcome we managed to engender. The comments from the visitors were so encouraging – one visiting stall holder saying that she had never been to a church where so much fun was obviously being had. Particular thanks go to Stephen Johnson who organised all the stall holders and outside activities and to Christine Penney who kept all the flower arrangers calm when the going got tough and to all those who contributed to the, sometimes manic, catering enterprise.

The addition of the Pet’s Service was much enjoyed by those who came, the crows of the vicarage cockerel adding a real sense of praise to the Psalm 8 responses (Go on – look it up!)

We are very pleased to announce that we raised £3,470.00 

In addition, of course, all the charitable and individual stall holders also made significant sums of money for their own causes.

Gallery of images from the Flower Festival Weekend

Please click on any image to view a slide show