Our History

A full history of our Church will be published soon, hopefully with old photographs of Holbeach, the Church and Parish News.

If anyone has photographs, articles or material we could use, please get in contact. Any original documents will be scanned and returned to you promptly.

The church dates back to 1225, and so has been a place of witness and worship where God has been honoured for the past 800 years.

For all of those 800 years All Saints has been here for the whole community of Holbeach. It has baptised, married and buried local people; it has been a place of thanksgiving during times of joy and celebration; and a place of sombre prayer and intercession during times of plague and national or local mourning. Its’ very stones hold more prayer and memories than we can possibly imagine, and it still stands to fulfil the same purpose for the people of the 21st century.


Please take some time to enjoy this documentary video about the history and culture of Holbeach,
including background history of All Saints Church and the work of the Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust

Made by a student at UAH in partnership with the Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust