Becoming a Friend of All Saints Church

All Saints Church has been at the heart of the community in Holbeach for over 700 years. This magnificent building is part of our national heritage; its central position ensures that it has an important place in the town and in the hearts of the people who live here. It doesn’t matter if you only come at Christmas, if you only step inside for a school service, wedding, christening or funeral, or a few moments of quiet and calm during a busy day or at difficult times in your life, All Saints is always there for you. We seek to be a place of welcome for those of all faiths and none, ensuring that All Saints is your church here in Holbeach. Becoming a Friend of All Saints will contribute towards helping to maintain and enhance this beautiful building for present and future generations, and making sure our work in the community is able to flourish.

Not just a church building

All Saints is not just a church building but also a centre for all the work we do within the community, particularly with the most vulnerable. Unsurprisingly, the cost of doing this work and maintaining and running the beautiful and ancient building of All Saints has increased in recent years and now costs around £117,000 annually. For All Saints to maintain this essential place in our community, more funds are needed; we do not receive any support from the government or the Church of England in order to do this but instead rely on donations.

Your generosity enables these and so many more things…


• Weddings
• Baptisms
• Funerals
• Christmas Events & Services
• Easter Services
• Remembrance Day Services
• School Services & Visits
• Care Home Services
• Hospitality & Fellowship
• Music, Choir & Bellringing
• Junior Choir & Choir Club
• Flower Festival
• Harvest Festival
• Medieval Festival
• Concerts
• Saturday Gang
• Mothers Union Meetings
• Community Showcase
• Growing Together Holbeach


For your Friends membership we offer

• The opportunity of supporting our work and preserving the oldest and most precious building in the heart of your town.

• Friends email bulletins with news updates and details of upcoming events & services.

• An Annual invitation to an exclusive Friends event.

• Your name recorded in our Friends of All Saints supporters book.

Choose the Donation Option that works for you

We realise that not everyone can afford to pay the same, but may still wish to support us, so we offer a pay-what-you-can model.

No matter how much you pay, you will get the same Friends membership.

How to Become a Friend of All Saints Church

Joining up is easy: just click the button below and complete the online application and payment.

Alternatively, you can download and print an application form here, or pick one up at the church.


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