Coronavirus Update

Update 5th January 2021

During the latest National Lockdown, the decision has been taken to close the Church to Public Worship. Government rules do allow church services to continue but we felt it would be wise for everyone’s safety to remain closed until at least Shrove Tuesday 16th February. We will continue to provide a broadcast only service each Sunday, please visit our Worship from Home page for details.

From Wednesday 2nd December when lockdown ends you are able once again to visit Church for Private Prayer, All Saints will be open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.

For the sake of everyone’s safety please use the Hand Sanitiser as you go in, keep a distance of 2m between yourself and other visitors at all times, touch as little as possible, and bring your own matches if you want to light a candle. It is now mandatory for face masks/coverings to be worn in places of worship.

Please note that from 25th July you will be required to wear a Face Mask/covering at all times.

Sunday Communion Service
From Sunday 6th December we have the good news that places of Worship can reopen. We have now started back with a simplified Communion service using the Nave Altar each Sunday at 10:30 am. Ther church will be sanitised on Saturday prior to the Sunday. There will be a welcomer at the door inviting people in one by one at a 2m distance from each other who will take a register of who is present (for any necessary track and trace data). Hand sanitiser will be used. We will indicate which pews are available for use by sticking a palm cross to the end of each pew and will have only one household or social bubble per pew. There will be no singing, though we hope Barry will be able to play both before and after the service and also during communion. There will no physical contact at The Peace and we will use the single communion wafers rather than the concelebration wafers we have traditionally used on a Sunday morning and the wafers will not be touched by anyone. The servers will simply tip them out of their packets into the ciborium, I will not touch them to consecrate them and they will be distributed to you using sugar tongs and will wear a mask at the point of distribution. Communion will be only in one kind and will be received one by one standing at the foot of the platform as we usually do for an All-Age Communion service and you will return to your pew via one of the side aisles. There will be no refreshments after the service, though the Mary Bass Room will be open for use of the toilets if needed. Social distancing of 2m will be maintained where possible (which will be the majority of the time).

We are currently limiting numbers to 40 people to ensure safe social distancing if we get more people than we can make room for we will consider holding two services or reinstating our Wednesday morning service.

Now that the church is open for worship Morning Prayer will be said in church on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 am.  Anyone is welcome to join Sally and Rosamund for this 20 minutes spent exploring God’s word and praying for our parish, community and the world. You are welcome to join us from home, just click here to access the prayer service for today (follow the Contemporary Morning Prayer listed for today). You can also download the daily prayer app from the Apple or Android App Store to follow us on your phone or tablet, the relevant links are on the same prayer page.

We will continue to offer a weekly online video service each Sunday for those that are unable to attend Church, please click here where you will also find all the resources you need to participate online.

For specific information about the Community Larder/Food Bank click here

You will find here a small collection of prayers for personal and group use at this challenging time in our lives, when we are struggling to find words to express how we feel.

These prayers will help Christians to pray in solidarity with one another even when it is not possible to gather together in church. It’s essential at all times – but particularly in times of anxiety and fear – that we continue to develop and strengthen our own habits of prayer. A simple form of prayer to say each morning and evening is included here. It can be shared with all who are at home and unable to worship together, especially those who are unable to access online resources.

Click to access Prayer Book